“In 2020 we will see an end to the classroom as we know it.” #yam

A few sites worth looking at as we prepare for the next 5 years.
Epic 2020: Higher Education Reform
Turning Learning on its head
Education 2020
Rethinking assessment for 21st century learners


Diigo the personal research tool that really improves productivity #yam

Get Diigo here
Much of our information consumption and research, whether at home or at work, has shifted online. We are now spending a big part of our day working with online information – reading and researching related to travel, health, shopping, career, hobbies, news, online learning, smart investing, school papers, work projects, you name it.
Yet the workflow with information, from browsing, reading, researching, annotating, storing, . organizing, remembering, collaborating, sharing, to connecting dots into knowledge, is still largely ad-hoc and inefficient. Diigo is here to streamline the information workflow and dramatically improve your productivity. Our users include law firms, marketing agencies, consultants, recruiters, web designers, researchers, students, teachers … — basically anyone who consume lots of online information, either individually or as a team.


This blog has been established by the eTeam to help communicate with staff. The intention is to discuss the activities, innovations and good practice in teaching and learning that is occurring both inside and outside the University of the West of Scotland. It is not limited to so called ‘e’ based technologies. We re interested in providing the best possible experience for our students and if the evidence shows that a blackboard and chalk achieves improved results then that is what we will promote.

There is an interconnection between various social applications such that the posts here in WordPress are also sent to Twitter and Facebook. This allows us to experiment with what settings and apps provide the best results between applications.

This experiment might last a day or for years to come as it will depend on staff interest.

Learning and teaching at UWS

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