New Issue of the International Journal of ePortfolio Available Today

You are receiving this message because you signed up to receive eNotifications upon the release of a new issue of the International Journal of ePortfolio (IJeP). That has indeed occurred. IJeP has other exciting news to share as well.

First, Helen Chen and Tracy Penny Light have joined me as co-executive editors of the journal. As a team, will be making final decisions on manuscripts and charting the day-to-day course of the journal. My close colleague, Peter Doolittle, will continue to serve as our senior advisor as IJeP moves forward.

Also of note, today, a new issue of the International Journal of ePortfolio (IJeP), volume 6, number 1, has been published at

Below are the titles of the articles that comprise Volume 6, Number 1 of IJeP. Please feel free to share this announcement with interested colleagues and on appropriate listservs.

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IJeP • Volume 6 • Number 1 • 2016

Instructional Articles

The Use of ePortfolios to Support Metacognitive Practice in a First-Year Writing Program
Jim Bowman, St. John Fisher College
Barbara J. Lowe, St. John Fisher College
Katie Sabourin, St. John Fisher College
Catherine Saloman Sweet, St. John Fisher College

ePortfolios and Faculty Engagement: Measuring Change Through Structured Experiences
Gail Ring, PebblePad
Barbara Ramirez, Clemson University
Bob Brackett, Clemson University

Assessment Articles

Finding Common Ground: Identifying and Eliciting Metacognition in ePortfolios Across Contexts
Julie A. Bokser, DePaul University
Sarah Brown, DePaul University
Caryn Chaden, DePaul University
Michael Moore, DePaul University
Michelle Navarre Cleary, DePaul University
Susan Reed, DePaul University
Eileen Seifert, DePaul University
Liliana Barro Zecker, DePaul University
Kathryn Wozniak, Concorida University Chicago

Using ePortfolios to Assess Applied and Collaborative Learning and Academic Identity in a Summer Research Program for Community College Students
Karen Singer-Freeman, Purchase College, SUNY
Linda Bastone, Purchase College, SUNY
Joseph Skrivanek, Purchase College, SUNY

Book Review

Making and Sharing Connections: Review of Leveraging the ePortfolio for Integrative Learning: A Faculty Guide to Transforming Student Learning by Reynolds and Patton (Stylus, 2014)
Melissa Shaquid Pirie, Portland State University

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