Special Event: Open Educational Resources

Learning Innovation has managed to arrange for the Open Educational Practices Scotland team to run two sessions on the 4th May for UWS staff to cover:

· Being clear on the various versions of Creative Commons (CC) licences

· Obtaining the wording for a CC licence and attaching to a resource

· Raising your profile by distributing your CC materials for highest impact

· Ensuring that you can continue to access any materials you produce

· Monitoring usage of CC materials

· Reducing workload by knowing:

o where to access CC resources and what can be done with these resources under the various licences

o how to modify CC resources and redistributing

These sessions will be particularly useful for staff who are, or shortly will be, in the process of producing materials that could be made available as open educational resources. This is the simplest method of ensuring that material that you have produced is available to you in future and has the added advantages of raising the profile of UWS and yourself on the world market.

These sessions support the development of an Open Education Resources policy that is currently in development at UWS

The morning session is 10:00 -12:30 and this will be repeated from 1:30-4:00. To book your place simply complete your name and preferred session at:



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