Webinar recording and 2 June CAN Meet Up registration

From: Mailing list for the Change Agents’ Network [mailto:CAN@JISCMAIL.AC.UK] On Behalf Of Ellen Lessner
Sent: 20 January 2016 20:53
Subject: Webinar recording and 2 June CAN Meet Up registration

CAN hosted an excellent webinar today, presented by Dan Derricott, Student Engagement Manager at the University of Lincoln. Dan’s topic was ‘Growing a whole institution culture of commitment to student engagement.’ The presentation, webinar recording and a copy of the chat window (with useful links) are now available on the blog – http://bit.ly/1L0Lv4t

The University of Lincoln is hosting the 2 June CAN meet up and registration and information can be found here: http://can.jiscinvolve.org/wp/events/2-june-2016-meet-up/ The event is free for students and the cost for staff is a modest £50. Participants will need to cover travel and accommodation costs.

Our 2 day event in March 2015 attracted staff and students from HE and FE and inspired enthusiastic networking from all who attended. In June, we will once again be offering at opportunity for students and staff to showcase some of their good practice and if you’re interested, there is space on the registration form to express interest.

Do contact me if you have any questions: ellen.lessner

Finally, there are case studies from FE on the blog which highlight good staff – student partnership activities – http://can.jiscinvolve.org/wp/case-studies/. Don’t forget that the Staff-student Partnership Toolkit will help institutions with every step of the staff-student partnership journey

Best wishes from the Jisc Change Agents’ Network team,


Ellen Lessner

Twitter: @CANagogy #jisc
CAN Blog: http://can.jiscinvolve.org/wp/
Jiscmail: www.jiscmail.ac.uk/CAN


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