What is Gismo?

What is GISMO?

You are the “Teacher” of one or more modules using Moodle. Maybe your students are hundreds of kilometers away, or maybe your students are local. As you are the “Teacher” of your module, you want to know what is happening to your students: Are they reading materials? Are they regularly accessing the module? Are some quizzes or assignments particularly problematic? Are their submissions performed in due time?

If this is your case, GISMO can help you. GISMO is a graphical interactive student monitoring and tracking system tool that extracts tracking data from Moodle, and generates useful graphical representations that can be explored by “Teachers” to examine various aspects of student experience in Moodle.

Starting GISMO

GISMO appears like any other Moodle block. This block is visible only to the instructors of the course. To start the application you can click on the “Reporting Tool” link that appears within the GISMO block.

See the attachment for full details of the screens

What is GISMO.docx

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