Open source course materials

Were you aware that the Open University makes all of its materials available through the OpenLearn project at OpenLearn is committed to open systems and shares its approach with those who may wish to launch similar efforts. OpenLearn is best described as an open educational resources (OER) project. This means that they are using many of the principles of the open source software movement and applying it to materials and tools that help people learn. All of the educational content can be reused according to the Creative Commons licensing that has been adopted and where this logo is seen:

Creative Commons BY-NC-SA licence logo

As the Open University uses the open source Moodle system for the delivery of their materials we are able to obtain complete Moodle modules, install them on our system, modify them within the limited licensing conditions and make them available with guest access. Take advantage of the Open Education approach and don’t reinvent the wheel.

If you wish to obtain a copy of an Open University Moodle module then please contact Bill Steele, Learning Innovation b.steele


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