Learning Innovation Top Tip: Move materials between Moodle modules

Have you needed to move a selection of materials, activities or resources between one module and another and wondered if there was a simple method. Well there are several and here is one of them.

What you do is go into each module and Turn Editing On

Then from the bottom of the side panel select Add a Block

Select Sharing Cart from the dropdown menu.

Once you have got the Sharing Cart installed then it is a simple matter of transferring materials.

Go to your first module and click Edit against any of the materials you wish to transfer. One of the option provided will be Copy to Sharing Cart. Click this to have the materials automatically added to your Sharing Cart and these can be used in any Moodle module.

Go to the module in which you wish to copy the materials. From the Sharing Cart click the Copy to Course icon

You will be presented with a selection of Copy here positions in the main body of the module.

Select the position that you want and that is it.

Simple as the meerkats on TV say.


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