Learning Innovation Top Tip: WebPA – Peer assess group work

A well known criticism of assessed group work is that each student receives the same team mark, regardless of individual performance. By using WebPA to peer assess group work, each student receives an adjusted mark. The lecturer allocates the percentage of the team mark that is fixed and the percentage that can be reallocated by the members of the group. For instance if the lecturer gives a team mark of 60 and allows 10% to be reallocated by group members then the lowest mark that a group member can receive is 54 (60 -10%) but the highest mark that a group member could receive may be considerably more if all of the team members should reallocate their 10% to one individual.

To allow the adoption of WebPA to be as simple as possible, Learning Innovation and ITDS have integrated WebPA within Moodle. It is accessed by selecting Add an activity> External Tool> Enter an Activity Name> From the External tool type drop down menu select UWSWebPA>Click Save and return to module.

For further details on effective practice with WebPA see http://webpaproject.lboro.ac.uk/academic-guidance/effective-practice-using-webpa/

Staff development sessions in the use of WebPA can be offered by Learning Innovation on request. Please email eteam or contact your business partner

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