UWS Teaching and Learning Conf 2015 live streaming #uwsltc25 #yam

25th June 2015

The Welcome and Keynotes for the Annual Learning and Teaching Conference will be streamed live from Ayr Campus.

Welcome: 09.15

Professor Craig Mahoney, Principal and Vice Chancellor

Keynote 1: 09.25

Empowering Students on their Learning Journey Through the Transformation of Mobile Devices (Smart Phones & Tablets) as Learning Tools

Dr Melton is the Associate Vice Chancellor of Mobilization Emerging Technology for Tennessee Board of Regents

This presentation will provide a showcase and overview of the latest innovations in the transformation of mobile technologies and apps (phones, tablets, gadgets) as on demand and in your hands learning tools. The participants will engage their mobile devices as learning tools for empowering students

Keynote 2: 10.10

Transition to postgraduate study: shift happens

Dr Victoria O’Donnell, Director of Learning Innovation, Academic and Research – Learning Development, UWS

Questions and Answers: 10.50

Chair: Tom Duff, Senior Lecturer, CAPLeD

To access the live stream please use the following url:


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