Big brother is watching you #yam

There is an issue when you want to expand into online assessment and be assured that the participants are not gaining an unfair advantage over traditional on campus examination arrangements. You could provide an invigilator for every student but this would be a somewhat expensive option. There have been various attempts to use technology and the latest is provided by Verificient Technologies and is called ProctorTrack. The product is being piloted by various institutions but has recently been made mainstream by Rutgers. It claims to be able to:

“Through proprietary facial recognition algorithms, the platform automates proctoring by monitoring student behavior and action for test policy compliance. Proctortrack can detect when students leave their space, search online for additional resources, look at hard notes, consult with someone, or are replaced during a test.”

The system may not be liked by students and the issue that has been raised as to whether this approach is overkill and over intrusive.

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