The Really Useful #EdTechBook – free #yam

We all like a freebie. Even better if it is useful. This book fulfils both these requirements so get it while it is available.

The Really Useful #EdTechBook is about experiences, reflections, hopes, passions, expectations, and the professionalism of those working with, in, and for the use of technology in education. Not only is it an insight into how, or why, we work with these technologies, it’s about how we as learning professionals got to where we are and how we go forward with our own development.

In this book, respected individuals from different education sectors write about many aspects of learning technology. The knowledge these leading practitioners, researchers, and professionals share, under the same cover, is a unique opportunity for you to read about the variety of approaches to learning technology, the different perspectives on the same technology, and how technology is impacting our culture and learning infrastructure. The contexts range from early-years classrooms to leading research Universities, and from museums to workplace learning providers. It is about our passion for our work and our desire to make our work better through our own learning and development.”

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