CAPLeD Case Study: Podcasts

This case study provides an example of the effective use of podcasting within a curriculum renewal

initiative involving two Masters’ distance learning programmes in OP aimed at work-based learners.

The evidence shows that podcasting has enhanced the learner experience by offering added

personalisation, opportunities to benefit from content presented in a new format, increased

curriculum flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Within Moodle there are a selection of tools to allow you and/or your students to create podcasts quickly and easily. The main tools are:

Campus Pack Podcast which allows you to create podcasts for a module, for each group or for each participant

Nanogong creates podcasts directly from the editor in any page

Nanogong Voice Activity allows students to submit podcasts and for you to provide audio feedback

For further assistance with these or any other aspects of Moodle, Mahara, Turnitin, BigBlueButton, Clickview, Create, Xerte, Camtasia Relay etc then please contact CAPLeD


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