This is an essential webinar for all UWS staff as it should show how our students will be working with Moodle

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Microsoft Office 365 brings a more productive experience to teachers and students by harmonizing login credentials, calendar management and course content creation, in addition to other workflow improvements for organizations and other Moodle users.
You’ll learn the following:

  • How to leverage Office 365, OneNote, and OneDrive Moodle integrations in education.
  • Integrating office 365 and office online with Moodle.
  • See how teaches, instructors and students can take advantage of the OneDrive for better assignment management.
  • Improve calendar management by taking advantage of the personal Office 365 calendar.
  • OneDrive Repository Integration.

Join our Moodle and Microsoft experts in our upcoming webinar “Introduction To Moodle & Microsoft Office 365 Integration” on February, 24th from 11:30am EST -12:30pm EST.

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Addtional information about Microsoft Office and Moodle.

The open source Office 365 and Microsoft Services plugins for Moodle include integration with OneDrive for Business,OneNote and Office 365 Outlook calendar. The integration…

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