Microsoft OneNote Now Unlimited Freeware #yam

A year ago, Microsoft decided to take on the big players in the online notes business. The likes of Evernote were now up against Microsoft OneNote in the battle for the best cloud-based notes app. And with OneNote having been a well-loved component of Microsoft Office for a long time, users loved it. No longer did you have to pay hundreds of dollars for OneNote – you could now download a free version. However, it was only really capable of storing notes online in the cloud. If you wanted to use it to its full potential, you still needed to buy a copy.

But not any more.

As of a few days ago, MS OneNote is now freeware. The full version of OneNote 2013, which runs on Windows 7 and 8, is downloadable right now. The download file itself is tiny, but this is merely an installer which will grab many additional files from the internet.

I’ve been a big fan of OneNote for a while, and much of my day job revolves around a huge OneNote file that contains all my relevant notes and documentation. If you haven’t tried out this excellent program yet, give it a go.


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