ALT Membership

UWS now has full organisational membership for the Association for Learning Technology. There simply is no better way to have an instant network of more than 1200+ Learning Technology professionals at your fingertips. This professional network is your link to continuing professional development with our Certified Membership (a growing peer reviewed based accreditation scheme), and vital information on new technologies, emerging trends, and best practices. And now, via our website and social media platforms, connecting to fellow members and benefiting from their expertise is easier than ever.

As a associate member of the Association, you can liaise face-to-face and online with other members to network, learn, discuss trends, and talk about what’s going on with Learning Technology in your area at ALT Events and webinars throughout the year and through engagement with their Special and Regional Interest Groups and the ALT Members’ Mailing list.

Membership includes access to all ALT publications (ALT News Digest, Online Newsletter), the highly regarded journal Research in Learning, access to regular social network updates, plus much more.

Organisational Membership includes the option for all staff to take up the Free Associate Membership, which will allow them personal access to discounts at attend ALT events and opportunities to engage with other active members via the ALT Members’ Mailing List. All you have to do is complete the membership application online

Key benefits of ALT Membership:

● Mailing lists for Members only to which you can engage with other active members, start discussion and receive the ALT fortnightly new digest;

● Attend a full programme of events through the year (with a membership discount) such as altc, the UK’s main conference for Learning Technology;

● Set up, join or get involved in Special and Regional Interest Groups such as the ALT Scotland Special Interest Group;

● CMALT: continue your professional development with our peer reviewed accreditation scheme;

● Participate in ocTEL, alt’s own MOOC;

● Our Publications: Research in Learning Technology (peer-reviewed international journal), Online Newsletter and special issues such as the recent proceedings from ALT’s Annual Conference;

● Get regular updates on consultations in response to learning technology policy developments;

● Gain recognition of your work through our Learning Technologist of the Year award.


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