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Webcasts on strategies for educators to improve student outcomes.
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Five Free 30-Minute Sessions—Save Your Spot!
Hyperlinking QuickMarks: Extending the Reach of Instruction
Feb. 5
Join an instructional hands-on session with Alan Reid, an Assistant Professor of First-Year Writing at Coastal Carolina University, as he shares how to extend the reach of instruction by adding a rich layer of multimedia feedback with hyperlinked QuickMarks.
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“Prompt Up the Jam”: Strategies for Developing Effective Writing Prompts
Feb. 19
Join a panel of experienced instructors explore the challenge that many educators face: developing prompts that will provoke their students to think critically and deeply about a topic.
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“Don’t Stop Believing”: Ed Tech Trends Worth Holding On To
Feb. 26
Join noted ed tech researcher and futurist, Bryan Alexander, as he does a run down of the key promises and hype that some new technology and approaches have offered and shares his well-informed thoughts on where this technology (like MOOCs) are headed.
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“What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?” Voice Commenting Strategies Using Turnitin
March 5
Join a discussion on strategies for best using the voice commenting feature in Turnitin to provide feedback to students that truly resonates.
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Picture Perfect: Feedback Strategies for Presentations and Visuals
March 11
Featuring Rebecca Hewett, English Professor at CSU Bakersfield, this webcast will share her specific strategies on providing feedback that improves the communication abilities of her students through engaging assignments and targeted feedback.
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