New additions to UWS Moodle

The following plugins have been added to the UWS Moodle site to provide additional means to create more engaging interactions with the students.

The NanoGong activity is an exercise that can be included in a module. Using the activity every student in the course can submit voice recordings. Teachers in the course can then listen to these submissions, give feedback, and, if desired, assign a score. More details

Realtime Quiz:

The Real time Quiz activity allows you to engage students in real time even if they are remote. It is the equivalent of clickers in the classroom but needs nothing more than a web browser to use. The Real-Time Quiz plugin for Moodle allows you to send out multiple choice questions to participants. Designed as a formative assessment tool during a class.


The students all receive the questions at the same time and a time limit to answer. The plugin displays the correct answer, along with the number of students who have responded and which answers they selected. The statistics include the aggregated percentage of people who answered correctly.

At the end of the quiz you can review statistics for each question – including showing which people answered correctly. Real-Time Quiz is an easy and fun way to get people involved in the topic. From the results, you can easily identify where you may need to augment information or alter your approach. Watch the Real-Time Quiz overview video from developer Davo Smith. More details

Additional Question types: Combined, Drag and drop into text, Drag and Drop Organic Chemistry Nomenclature, Multinumerical

These question types have been added to meet some specialist or more complex requirements.

If staff require additional plugins to be installed on the UWS Moodle site then they should send a request to with a justification

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