Module Refresh service #yam

The CAPLeD eTeam offer the Refresh service where they will, on a first come first served basis, go through a Moodle module and make alterations that will enhance the aesthetics of the module with the minimum of input from academic staff. The team have already provided this service for over 200 modules but we are sure that there are many more that would benefit. Applications are made in Moodle from here:

On application for the Moodle Refresh service the eTeam will:

Remove Redundant material:
Blank topics, activities, resources and blocks: remove broken links

Apply recommended defaults:
Collapsed topics, Maximum upload size 20M, News items to show 5, Student completion tracking enabled

Blocks included:
Latest News, Comments, Gismo, GSB medals, Quickmail

Content added:
PSMD module descriptor link, other appropriate links, correct Topic Headings, Topic 0 content minimised and additional material transferred to Topic 1


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