CAPLeD Top Tip: Student Moodle Induction #yam

At the request of a member of staff we have created a simple Moodle Sandbox module that can be used for induction purposes. Students will access it using a supplied username and password and the sandbox will be recreated every night once it is in production.. The purpose is to allow students (and staff) to play with Moodle and know they cannot do any damage. They will be able to see the major functions before they encounter them in a class situation. Some staff may simply direct students to it and others may use it as the basis of an introductory class. If this is of interest then it would be appreciated if you could login into b.steele . What could make it more informative, more entertaining, more engaging. Unfortunately comments such as I don’t like … without providing an alternative aren’t particularly helpful so please try and give appropriate examples that we could use e.g. the YouTube video on … is ok but the one at … would be far better or the wording for … would be improved by ….


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