CAPLeD Top Tip: Peerwise #yam

“I just wanted to say thank you for PeerWise! We’ve just finished using it in a class with 400 very diverse students and the outcome was excellent. The students loved the site and using it vastly improved their understanding of the material covered in class. The only down side was complaints from other staff members that students were not attending to their work in other subjects because they were ‘playing’ with PeerWise on their mobile devices. Oh, and now we are getting complaints from students who want to know why we aren’t using Peerwise in all of our subjects. Great work! “

Dr. Pauleen Bennett
Associate Professor of Psychology
La Trobe University, Australia

We all want to improve our ratings on assessment and feedback in our NSS scores and this is one approach that could assist. With PeerWise the students create their own multiple choice questions, they create the feedback, they provide the comments on the quality of the questions and the feedback. Research findings suggest that by using this service students understanding of the subject matter improves significantly as demonstrated in both objective and subjective testing.

To find out why there is such interest in this free service and what benefits it could bring to your Moodle module next year go to the PeerWise site at . A PeerWise instructor account will allow you to create your own courses and manage student access. If you would like to use PeerWise in a class you are teaching, simply request an account to get started! To make the entry into PeerWise even easier there is this set of videos


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