Many colleagues like the flexibility of Turnitin/Grademark as it allows them to mark papers in most locations. What can you do to ensure that the technology does its job? Well basically it is the same for Turnitin as it is for webconferencing:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of Firefox (http://bit.ly/1r3PqG1) or Chrome (http://bit.ly/1na9p5J) installed. Firefox is preferred as the helpdesk can provide support for this if you need it.
  2. Use a computer that is wired directly into the network rather than a wireless connection. The wireless connection is much slower than a wired connection and is essential for webconferencing.
  3. Your computer should have 4G of memory. To find out how much memory you have on a PC check out http://bit.ly/1snGhtN
  4. Finally check how good a connection you have to your Internet provider by running a speed check. You could try: http://bit.ly/1nvWup7 and click Begin Test where colleagues have got the results below:
  • Wired connection: Download 61.29Mbps : Upload 2.81 Mbps
  • Wireless connection: Download 12.90 Mbps : Upload 2.95Mbps

Note the 5 times speed difference between the wired and wireless connection



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