IMPORTANT: Moodle Rollover 2014 #yam



As we reach the end of the academic year can I thank you all for your co-operation and enthusiasm in adopting Moodle. You may be unaware that the quantity of issues raised and the amount of time administering the VLE has significantly fallen since the move from Blackboard to Moodle. This has helped to justify the move which may have been difficult for some members of staff. I hope that everyone has begun to realise the advantages that Moodle has brought and will continue to bring in the future.

The next stage of this Moodle adoption process is the preparation for next academic year. This is a non-trivial matter of making available 1400 modules that have the content from the 13-14 session, the teachers attached but the students removed, and all the forums, quizzes, Turnitin assignments reset for the use of the incoming students. ICT and CAPLeD have spent a considerable amount of time discussing and preparing for this event in order to make the process as automatic as possible in order to minimise the effort you will need to expend in being prepared for the next student intake. There will be some resources or activities that we will be unable to automate and we will provide instructions on how to rectify these exceptions in due course.

During the rollover as stated in the notifications earlier in the year, Moodle, Mahara and Turnitin will also be updated to the latest versions. Update information can be found at the following locations:

Moodle overview:

Moodle new features:

Mahara release notes: and the

Turnitin manual:


After Friday 15th August 2014

· ICT will begin the process of rollover. This will begin with the copying of all modules held in the 1314 Category of Moodle.

· any changes after 15th Aug which are made to a module used in academic year 13-14 will not be transferred to the newly created modules and will not be available for the new intake of students

· if you make changes to a 13-14 module and wish it to be available on a 14-15 module then you will need to make the same change in both modules

· 14-15 modules will become available over the week 18th-22nd August. DO NOT modify these modules during this week

· During the week 18th-22nd August, ICT and CAPLeD will be resetting all the modules and batch testing modules to help ensure the process has been successful

After Friday 22nd Aug 2014

· You will be able to access the new 14-15 modules

· You will be able to make changes to the new modules

· You will be able to transfer the activities and resources not covered by the rollover process

· Students will be allocated automatically to modules as the CRN’s become available in Banner

Can I thank you once again for your patience and continued co-operation


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